1456506_1820859954719594_1988460102_nYoga, massage, meditation, physical therapy, group fitness, one-to-one fitness, day retreats, talking therapy, and addiction recovery support are all subjects I am passionate about. I wouldn’t offer these classes/events or therapies in Worthing if I didn’t believe they were hugely beneficial to everyone.

Soon to be qualified in BWRT. Brain working recursive therapy which covers myriad issues and has a huge success rate. I personally had a life long wasp/bee phobia that is no longer an issue for me. I believe this therapy is a valuable tool to compliment the other therapies I offer.

If you are looking for self-improvement/self-discovery you have come to the right place. I believe strongly in setting the mind before we move. Settling the monkey chatter in our mind to enable us to own our lives and live a life of extraordinary vitality.  That is why most of my services are called Reset now.

Please feel free to take a look around and if you have any questions at all, please email me at [email protected] Alternatively, give me a call (my number is in the top bar) and I will be glad to have a chat. My yoga classes are held at Saltwater Studios, Stoke Abbot Road, Worthing, Heene Community Centre, Heene Road, Worthing and one-to-one sessions are held at Heene Terrace.  Fitness training is from spring to early autumn on the seafront. I am also available for corporate wellness sessions and seminars.

Day one or one day?



A style for everybody & mind.

This might be ridiculous after 1 session (and potentially psychosomatic) but my body and particularly my mind feel better already!
I may mock the hippieness but i think it is exactly what i need to get myself into a better place following the recent break-up & heartbreak.  I think you are the person i was meant to meet to help me grow into a stronger me. Thank you xxx
Anonymous (Worthing)
Love watching and listening to a person with passion. What an amazing way to be taught….with genuine passion. It’s infectious. In this world of sensory overload and complications , bring back simple, wonderful, passion.
Claire (Worthing)
So glad I visited Linzi for a truly excellent massage therapy session in a beautiful setting. I’ve always found it a real challenge to sign out from my chattering head but this time I was gone in seconds. Thanks for imparting all your years of experience, skill and confidence. A unique treatment. I will definitely be returning despite the distance.
Ben (London)
That was beautiful. I am still smiling ..I feel a very clear nights sleep is ahead of me and a good run in the morning..so looking forward to the next session ..xx
Mary (Worthing)
A high quality dynamic yoga class with mindful awareness of each individuals state of being. Linzi’s outlook fits perfectly with our ethos at http://www.spinewaves.co.uk of Reorganisational Healing… which encourages energy richness and serves reaching better connection and unity for the body-mind. So for me, Linzi’s classes are perfect to ‘stretch’ and ‘strengthen’ my body… and thereby my heart, mind and soul
Rowen (Worthing), Spinewaves
Quite simply, Linzi is the best meditation teacher I have ever had the good fortune to experience….I always thought meditation was not for me, until I went to Linzi’s classes She has the knack of introducing ideas and methods which make it so much easier and more beneficial. As a mental health crisis nurse, I have even used some of the techniques I have learned from Linzi in my practice, and as a trainee yoga teacher, I aspire to be able to teach yoga nidra, relaxation and meditation half as well as Linzi.
Sophie (Worthing)
As a life coach I am required to be fully involved and in the moment with my clients at all times. I also practise what I preach and Linzi’s classes are my weekly treat and a most wonderful source of grounding, relaxation and time to connect with me. she has a unique style – friendly and gentle, whilst amazingly knowledgeable and focussed. I have been attending Linzi’s classes for several years and will be doing for many more. Once you have found the best stop seeking and start doing!
Eileen (Life coach)
I started training with Linzi because I totally trust her.
Having had awful back problems due to bad exercise techniques from the past, I
tentatively took up yoga with Linzi over four years ago.
It was a life changer.
Linzi understands the body so well, and realises that ever Body is different.
I am never afraid to try the exercises or postures that she suggests as I know I am safe.

Linzi is brilliant at the detail: pull in this, adjust that, breathe here…. It is this attention to detail
that has kept me safe and is making me strong.
I didn’t ever think I would run again. And now I’m doing it three times a week in the beautiful morning
air with Linzi and other lovely like-minded ladies.

If Linzi hadn’t set up this fantastic opportunity to train, I actually wouldn’t have
looked for an alternative. Trusting someone with your body is a huge deal.
But I have known Linzi long enough to develop respect and trust in the way
she works and views the body and mind as a whole. So for me, training her way feels totally right.
Worthing is very lucky to have her live here.