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Outdoor Yoga – all about you and your mat

Come and join me. Saturdays, sunshine permitting  9.15 – 10.30am Above Cafe des Artists – Coast

Outdoor Yoga

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Opposites – Where do you sit on the see-saw?

Absolutely exhausting isn’t it?  vacillating from one extreme to another. Absolutely soul destroying too as you find yourself on one side of the see saw or the other, getting that horrible jolting, when someone on the other side is being reckless and you can’t control the bumps.

It’s also painful. SO painful. You’ll feel it everywhere. […]

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Term Time Yoga – Have you tried it?

So how is it for you?

Those of you with children who are about to break up for a whole 6 weeks and even more for some. Are you excited? Are you looking forward to extended periods of time keeping them entertained and happy; spending quality time together. Or does the picture look totally different for […]

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