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Drop-In or Book A Course? What Will YOU Do?

Why do I prefer you to commit to a course rather than just drop in WILLYNILLY!?

Yoga isn’t an exercise routine. A workout. A thing to keep just dropping into when you can be arsed. Its a sheer introduction to yourself. You meet yourself on your mat, and your habits around commitment or your reaction to […]

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New Courses

Will you be an early bird?

New courses on the website now…

If you book NOW or the whole course,
you save money against the drop-in price.

But this offer only lasts until the day that the new course starts – after that you pay the drop-in price – £12 per session.

So what’s on offer?

Flow dynamic yoga starts Thursday […]

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The term wanky Americans call sorting your home out. I’ve been refreshing for what feels like months now…
Once you start Feng shuiing the shi* out of everything, not only do you feel better, but it definitely opens up space for new beginnings. I gutted my kitchen and with the help of a brilliant joiner, who […]

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