How about I cook for you a tasty bowl of Kitchari? How about a cup of warming herbal tea? After you’re settled and ready, you lie down in a candlelit space, with the gorgeous aroma of frankincense coming in waves to calm you. I guide you into a deeply relaxed state and create space in your being that you never felt before, and in that space we reset some intentions, some magic?
For just £12. You get to restart the rest of you life. Clearer, happier, Magically.
Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep. You do not sleep. But you definitely get the benefits of a full nights sleep. All you need is a mat, a blanket and a pillow, warm clothing. Arrive from 8pm to begin the Nidra session at 8:30pm Prompt. Place is only secure once full payment is received through the website