My sessions are based in Worthing for face to face, or via Zoom or Skype for therapy if needed.
I work from Worthing seafront, Heene Community Centre, Wow Clinic, Recovery Lighthouse, and The Shelley Residential Home for the elderly.

I am also regularly booked as a guest therapist for retreats and corporate wellbeing weeks.

Coming into my 47th year, I realise it all comes back to simply finding a balance between rest and being productive.

I have/am also studying extensively the effects of perimenopausal symptoms and how we can look after ourselves on a deeper level while allowing  a smooth transition.

Looking to do my degree in psychology this year and further studies with the fabulous Terence Watts in psychopathology, I am forever a student.

All this knowledge naturally exudes from me into my yoga classes and so these are not your usual run of the mill sessions. Everyone leaves with a lightness and a smile on their faces.

Lets all lighten up.