I can help you transform your life and live a life extraordinary.

I travel around the world to study under the best most beautiful teachers on this planet. In my teenage years I had the privilege of running cross country and 800m/1500m at County level. This is where my interest in fitness was ignited. I also studied Karate for a few years, where I realised I had leadership skills. From there I became a fitness instructor in the fitness industry teaching anything from indoor cycling to Body Combat.

All this time my yoga practice was mine, and mine alone.  Once you’ve discovered yoga you can’t help but ‘be’ without it merging with your other physical activities. Whether that is cross training, running, weight lifting, or simply sitting on the floor.  It transforms how you relate to your own body and energy channelling. It’s not that I’m fitter than I was, more that there is an integral mindfulness that overrules everything I do for myself and my clients.  The more disillusioned I became at the lack of integrity amongst many people in the fitness industry the harder it was to front. To exercise with only “I want to be thin” or “I want to look a certain way” is surely a fast track to failure. Its like the saying “I want to be happy”. The first 4 words are pointless. Be it or not. Exercise and love NOW or not, otherwise you’ll always be chasing that carrot. And that gets me onto food.

My sessions are based in Worthing. Either on Worthing seafront or Saltwater Studios, Hotpod Yoga Worthing, Recovery Lighthouse, The Shelley Residential Home for the elderly and occasionally corporate events for wellness weeks.

I love food. I love cooking. I believe nurturing yourself starts with the fuel you use to function. Nothing is banned from my diet, apart from animals.