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That September Feeling

I’m so blessed to see both sides of the spectrum of motherhood. I have a nearly 20 year old, a 16 year old and a nearly 4 year old. One embarking on life beyond conventional education (She travels the world), one about to start college, and the littlest with me for his last year before […]

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Drop-In or Book A Course? What Will YOU Do?

Why do I prefer you to commit to a course rather than just drop in WILLYNILLY!?

Yoga isn’t an exercise routine. A workout. A thing to keep just dropping into when you can be arsed. Its a sheer introduction to yourself. You meet yourself on your mat, and your habits around commitment or your reaction to […]

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New Courses

Will you be an early bird?

New courses on the website now…

If you book NOW or the whole course,
you save money against the drop-in price.

But this offer only lasts until the day that the new course starts – after that you pay the drop-in price – £12 per session.

So what’s on offer?

Flow dynamic yoga starts Thursday […]

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The term wanky Americans call sorting your home out. I’ve been refreshing for what feels like months now…
Once you start Feng shuiing the shi* out of everything, not only do you feel better, but it definitely opens up space for new beginnings. I gutted my kitchen and with the help of a brilliant joiner, who […]

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Left Brain / Right Brain

You’ll often find me talking about the monkey brain –  that constant, endless, round in circles chatter. I’ve always used to analogy of a monkey.

This takes us away from believing that we are our thoughts, and shows us a kinda magic portal where we can escape from the dialogue.

We can switch it over into the […]

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60 minute Summer Survival Solution – it’s right here!

Summer holidays are here.


You’ve planned activities for your children every minute of every day. Or at least part of every day.

Or you’ve planned nothing.

And now you’re worried that you’re totally unprepared for 6 WEEKS of your offspring having “nothing to do” and the cries of “I’m BORED”!!!

What about YOU?
What activities have you planned for you?
Apart from working, and […]

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What do you fear?

Is it real or just in your head?

“Maybe it’s not what we fear, but fear itself that we fear”

So what are we really fearful of?… we play it safe to stop ourselves from experiencing fear. We play it safe, we don’t take risks, we confine our existence for the sake of safety and being in […]

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Changing Gear…

Don’t you find it funny? Sometimes you simply feel you’re in the wrong gear. And then you do something, or something happens, or you have a conversation and a clarity comes and you sink back, you breathe out and you assess the scene.

And without the panicky monkey stepping in, in steps a calm monkey who […]

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Discovering Your Inner “You” – Chakras, Meditation and more…

Oh wow. Last week was the last session of a gorgeous course I started writing many moons ago – The Chakra Meditation Course. The whole chakra system has been such an integral part of my meditation practice for many many years. I decided I really wanted to share it, so the course was written. It […]

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Opposites – Where do you sit on the see-saw?

Absolutely exhausting isn’t it?  vacillating from one extreme to another. Absolutely soul destroying too as you find yourself on one side of the see saw or the other, getting that horrible jolting, when someone on the other side is being reckless and you can’t control the bumps.

It’s also painful. SO painful. You’ll feel it everywhere. […]

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