Don’t you find it funny? Sometimes you simply feel you’re in the wrong gear. And then you do something, or something happens, or you have a conversation and a clarity comes and you sink back, you breathe out and you assess the scene.

And without the panicky monkey stepping in, in steps a calm monkey who has been beavering away, with suggestions and solutions for months. And like a piece slipping into a puzzle, that indescribable feeling of ‘this fits’. You realise you actually needed the sticky, wrong feelings to know what right and smooth feels like. It can feel like you’ve been revving in 3rd, and have just slipped into a sublime cruise control. Or when you drive over a newly laid piece of road.

Yoga gives me this sensation. Being in balance in my whole life.
This is space clearing, and energy shifting at its finest. Sometimes you just need to simply find a way to change gear.