Why do I prefer you to commit to a course rather than just drop in WILLYNILLY!?

Yoga isn’t an exercise routine. A workout. A thing to keep just dropping into when you can be arsed. Its a sheer introduction to yourself. You meet yourself on your mat, and your habits around commitment or your reaction to monotony, or your lack of awareness that you are actually your body and not that relentless bollocks chatter that goes on and on and on.

We are all procrastinators, I always joke that before I had an awesome accountant (Lucy Butler), when tax return time came around, my sock drawer was more organised than ever.

Your own yoga practice is a pure reflection of who you are in life.

Why commit to a course?
1/ Routine
2/ Structure
3/ Focus
4/ Commitment
5/ Social
6/ Cheaper
7/ Continuity
8/ Substance
9/ Deeper Knowledge
10/ Marker progression

Obviously you still get the same class as a drop in, but with a course, I do believe you get so much more.

Did you know that I offer NHS staff 50% discount on all courses? Just email me for a discount code

So will you book or drop in?




Don’t forget about “A Beautiful Moment In Time” – Yoga Nidra happens on the 1st Sunday of every month – the next one is Sunday 4th September 8.30pm at Storm House.