These seven thousand points with minds that feel and adjust our pyre of bones where gravity is; surrender, resist, surrender, resist. Several thousand tiny powerful voices calling us into balance, to balance, to balance, with our arms outstretched and our arms embracing, embracing ourselves and those of others who’s souls we attract, attract and repel. To test the balance each year, learning. Its not others who support us, its our voices in our feet, it’s the others who when balanced with us, (and a fine balance it must be), its others who vaporise inside our vortex and keep us ascending, as opposed to weighing us down.
Seven thousand sparks of light, and opposing darkness, when touched to earth we are alert, when raised from earth we are at rest.
To meditate daily, to blur these lines, to experience gravity in other parts of our body is where the untwining begins, like a cosmic rain shower can create a flow of magical energy, as all the muscles let go, let go.
I beg you to feel your feet on this earth. Mighty oaks grow with this law, this knowledge void of language and meaning. It just is. It just is.
Linzi Rodina