I don’t like the ‘fat loss’ industry, I feel it plays on peoples insecurities. I abhor the meal replacement industry even more.  Much prefer the term ‘Fit Gain’ or “Still Mind Fitness” But maybe I’m missing a huge money maker in telling people they will be happier thinner? Its not true. You won’t be happier thinner, not permanently because if that phrase “I don’t want to be fat” is what drove you to lose weight in the first place then your fear will manifest again and again in your weight loss and gain.  

I work with balance. With tried and tested nutritional advice. I work with a growing knowledge that I research extensively.  Alignment of joints, developing muscles that address postural issues. Its all about balance. I believe that our bodies develop imbalances that can be even more pronounced with poor exercise technique. I’m a stickler for alignment and have seen far too many injuries as a result of poor technique tuition. You’ll be given a firm foundation to work upwards from.

After working in the fitness industry for many years, teaching anything from spinning, aerobics, circuits, boxercise, body combat, and then yoga taking over my whole world, I’ve devised outdoor workouts for all levels. 

To live on Worthing seafront and train inside a gym or sweaty studio just doesn’t resonate with my views on fresh air, sunlight, generally being outside as much as we can in this digital age. 

The workout consists of a walk/jog warmup with modifications for higher or lower intensity. We then go where the wind isn’t and the recently risen sun is. Mainly focusing on big muscle groups to build strength, flexibility, and generally getting fit.

The main component of my workouts is SMILING!.. having fun, stepping out of your comfort zone where appropriate and being able to start your day with a huge sense of empowerment.

Recent attendees have been anyone from business owners to busy mums to people that haven’t exercised since their school days. The groups are varied but all levels catered for. 

We meet once a week on Wednesday at 6:30am until 7:30am, opposite Heene Terrace on Worthing Seafront.