Something I wrote in 2014

If the eye of the storm is our umbilicus, and the colon is the sped up energy around that vortex. What is it, in our centre, our initial physical link to our mothers that causes such sensitivity? is it a sensitive subject, issue? Is it simple forgiveness and gratitude?
I won’t elaborate because I believe everybody is different, add to that the relationship you have with maternal connection and that persons energy too, it can only be simplified like a mathamatical equation. Keep going down, into your core. Keep going into feelings that bring up that gut wrench, and IBS is a gut wrenching pain. And, maybe, rather than trying to work it out. Rather than trying to be conditional about it. Maybe just let go? and forgive. Forgive her, forgive yourself. And to enable you to rise out of that yucky gut feeling, give gratitude. Give utter gratitude to the divine nature of your source, which is where you starting growing. Maybe, once you’ve forgiven and given gratitude, then you’ll know we all do our best, we all grow as much as we can. Like a forest floor, there are obstacles, there is seasonal damage, we still keep growing until we die. So take the humans out of this, there is no need for forgiveness in nature, its all pure gratitude, but us humans with the power of language need that first stage to calm the bowels of your emotions. Make peace. However you do it. Feel the burn evaporate into the ether. Well done.
Linzi Rodina