Will you be an early bird?

New courses on the website now…

If you book NOW or the whole course,
you save money against the drop-in price.

But this offer only lasts until the day that the new course starts – after that you pay the drop-in price – £12 per session.

So what’s on offer?

Flow dynamic yoga starts Thursday 25th August at 6.30pm – £50 for 5 weeks. Great class to join if you’ve worked with me before and want a class that makes you sweat.

Restorative yoga – a gentle class that’s perfect for beginners and anyone new to my teaching –  starts Thursday 25th August at 8pm  – again, it’s £50 for 5 weeks.

Term-time yoga – suitable for anyone –  starts Monday 12th September 9.30am. 6 weeks for £60.

Chakra Meditation – the chakra system. Where we find magic and balance with imagery and meditation.
This course promises to transform your life and create a sense of learning something that you actually already know. Limited to only 6 people. Held in my home. 4 weeks of meditation and learning ways to balance your entire being. We start on the 5th September , with an overview and a daily short homework will be set, I’m very excited about this.

Did you know that I offer NHS staff 50% discount on all courses? Just email me for a discount code

So which one will YOU book?