Book me for an hour or so and we shall address whatever it is  you need. Whether you’d like to develop your yoga practice, be given specific exercises to address any issues you have, or maybe to learn how to meditate.  Maybe you are interested in starting courses with me but simply need to build some confidence first. Whatever you choose, you’ll leave a one-to-one session with me with a renewed energy and a willingness to learn more. To serve your life in ways that maybe you have been neglecting until now. 

Its difficult to describe how a one to one session goes, as it is vastly different for each client. All I do know is, there is progression. There is life enhancing lessons to be had.  These sessions can be held at my home on Worthing seafront or I can visit you in and around Worthing.

One-to-One Ideas


Get ready for a course, master the technique or undergo a more intensive session


Let me help you by using my unique method of massage to reset your body


Neural Pathway Magic


Have an idea for a one-to-one? Get in touch! (cooking, meditation…)