The term wanky Americans call sorting your home out. I’ve been refreshing for what feels like months now…
Once you start Feng shuiing the shi* out of everything, not only do you feel better, but it definitely opens up space for new beginnings. I gutted my kitchen and with the help of a brilliant joiner, who stood back when I snarled “I can do this”… and 2 hours later “please drill the last hole”. (oi). I managed to refresh the rah out of my home and once I started found it hard to stop…

It made me think about how energy gets stuck on objects, and how if you want to energetically clear your space of somebody else’s presence, you need to replace with things you love more. Needless to say, the knobs were replaced… which some of you might remember. I went on a crazy knob hunt. How many times would erasable people touch the knobs, the handles, the THINGS… and just when I thought I was done, I pulled up the floor to how it WAS BEFORE knobgate. Way before knobgate.

And thanks to a friend who has the exact same taste as me, she found some chairs. And at first I thought I can’t possibly. But then remembered the hours spent chatting, laughing, arguing, crying, fighting, loving on the other chairs and realised they must be replaced, as the originals are stupidly heavy, and these will be refreshingly light, and PeeeeeRfffect!..

It’s not that I’m erasing the past, and I’m certainly not bitter but a bit of a refresh to own your own space is crucial.

Its Muladhara Chakra. Where it all begins. Your base.

And if this resonates, book onto the next Chakra Meditationgroup…its where the magic is