So how is it for you?

Those of you with children who are about to break up for a whole 6 weeks and even more for some. Are you excited? Are you looking forward to extended periods of time keeping them entertained and happy; spending quality time together. Or does the picture look totally different for you? Is it filling you with panic and dread because you’re reminiscing of some nightmare moment scenarios of yonder years where you lost your shiz with them, and it was only Day 2.

How would a promise from me to you sound?
What if I could give you the training needed to give you the best summer holiday yet, an ever giving gift, being that you can draw upon it each year as the summer holidays approach? You can’t ever unknow this work.

The key is setting an intention and using your brilliant brain to talk yourself into having the best summer holiday yet.  Listen. If you can dread them as they approach and not see how feeding that limiting belief really does set you up to have some proper FML moments, then I really want you to look at that now.

Everything we dread, every scenario we go over and over in our heads if we’re even slightly apprehensive has the law of attraction attached to it. Now I’m as much on the fence as you are on spirituality, and I make a conscious effort to not over question it mentally. But is it not true that you are at the centre of your whole life?  In every good moment, in every rubbish moment, in every familiar yucky scenario, who is the common denominator there? You. You are always there in your life, and I like to think of our negative personality traits as being led, and yanked and coerced by a crazy monkey representing your left hand brain. Imagine a box. Well, 2 boxes, as you have two sides to your brain. Now, in the left box, lives your monkey, with all that monkey chatter. Never present. And, ahhhhhhh in the right box is NOTHING. Pure, blissful, innocent nothing.. where we can learn to go regularly with the right tuition.

Now. How about joining my term time only course on Monday? and having 5 weeks of training to learn to differentiate between the monkey chatter and its chaos, and your absolute love led, brilliant, blessed parental ways. How about more moments of heart swelling love in the summer holidays, and not just when you’re tucking them in and they’re asleep.

To book your place, click here and put “TTY5” in the “redeem coupon” box and scroll down to YOGA….simples…..