I don’t know about you but whenever I’m looking into either doing something for the first time or debating whether to buy a product, reviews are usually the thing that sways my mind. I could tell you that my courses are the best thing ever and you may believe me but it’s a lot better when it comes from someone else.

Below are a few reviews from previous and current clients.

I was a little apprehensive starting yoga, but I can honestly say its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s taught me so much – not just about my body but mind too. I have absolutely no doubt that my love of it is all down to having such an amazing teacher. Linzi shares her yoga knowledge perfectly and is a kind, thoughtful and inspiring teacher. Don’t think twice about starting yoga with Linzi – my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner’
I started training with Linzi because I totally trust her.
Having had awful back problems due to bad exercise techniques from the past, I
tentatively took up yoga with Linzi over four years ago.
It was a life changer.
Linzi understands the body so well, and realises that every Body is different.
I am never afraid to try the exercises or postures that she suggests as I know I am safe.

Linzi is brilliant at the detail: pull in this, adjust that, breathe here…. It is this attention to detail
that has kept me safe and is making me strong.
I didn’t ever think I would run again. And now I’m doing it three times a week in the beautiful morning
air with Linzi and other lovely like-minded ladies.

If Linzi hadn’t set up this fantastic opportunity to train, I actually wouldn’t have
looked for an alternative. Trusting someone with your body is a huge deal.
But I have known Linzi long enough to develop respect and trust in the way
she works and views the body and mind as a whole. So for me, training her way feels totally right.
Worthing is very lucky to have her live here.

Now in my late 40’s I am someone who over the years has struggled to find a sport or way of keeping fit that suited me.There were a couple of unsuccessful stabs at joining a gym which quickly failed as going felt like a chore and something to be endured and got out the way. I consoled myself that it didn’t matter as I wasn’t overweight but in reality I was leading an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle. A cancer diagnosis several years ago was the kick up the bum that I needed to make a change but didn’t know where to start exercise wise.

Around that time I met Linzi and started as a complete beginner in her yoga class. This was very much one of my first steps to getting fit. From the start I loved the classes and the holistic mix of mind and body work. Linzi is an excellent yoga teacher with a great understanding of anatomy and anyone attending her classes can be confident they are in safe hands. I started to feel stronger and this was the springboard I needed to try other types of exercise in addition to yoga.

More recently I have joined in the morning fitness sessions with Linzi on the seafront. These sessions have been absolute magic – the combination of a great workout with the same personal attention as you get in Linzi’s yoga sessions is hard to beat. There are a lot of laughs which carry you through the squats! To top it off the seafront is fantastic place to workout and at the end of the session I feel alive and buzzing. Looking back a few years I could never have imagined I would not just enjoy such sessions but positively look forward to them and that is due in a very large part to Linzi’s teaching.

Thank you so much for yesterday. Your massage was such a wonderfully deep experience, a letting go and a coming into. Letting go of tensions and a coming back into my body and a back into NOW. At the end of the massage I felt clear and blissed out. You intuitively knew what I needed, there was healing in your touch. A very special birthday treat, from a very special woman. xxxx
Love watching and listening to a person with passion. What an amazing way to be taught….with genuine passion. It’s infectious. In this world of sensory overload and complications , bring back simple, wonderful, passion.
So glad I visited Linzi for a truly excellent massage therapy session in a beautiful setting. I’ve always found it a real challenge to sign out from my chattering head but this time I was gone in seconds. Thanks for imparting all your years of experience, skill and confidence. A unique treatment. I will definitely be returning despite the distance from London.
Having rarely often moved from my sofa, let alone experienced Yoga before, I was apprehensive before my class with Linzi. Every ounce of nerves fell away from me the moment we got started. She is comforting, inviting, clearly extremely knowledgeable and puts you at great ease within seconds of being around her. I had not realised before doing her yoga class how much I undervalued myself, and the stress that was putting on my mind and body. I walked out feeling more positive than I have in years, lighter, relaxed and most importantly wholly happy. I am tremendously eager to learn more and visit her again, and will definitely be changing my life for the better by enhancing it with Yoga, all thanks to her. I cannot praise the class she ran enough, my body and my mind feel better, and I would not just recommend her to anyone, but insist they go and experience that level of serenity.
When I hit rock bottom 18 months after my husband died, a wonderful friend suggested I did yoga – it had helped her….I found a beginners class with Linzi through two other wonderful friends and went along. Yoga wasn’t the right thing for me at that point, but when I hurt my back and went to Linzi for massage, my journey to allowing myself to “let go” of my emotional baggage began. Linzi’s gentle explanations helped me make sense of my emotional pain and the associated physical symptoms that I experience and she has combined massage, stretching, meditation and deep breathing into a programme that is really helping me to focus on what my body is telling me it needs and to listen to it. I know that what Linzi is showing me will stay with me for the rest of my life…..if YOU choose to work with Linzi, you won’t look back, ever!
A high quality dynamic  yoga class with mindful awareness of each individuals state of being. Linzi’s outlook fits perfectly with our ethos at Spinewaves of Reorganisational Healing… which encourages energy richness and serves reaching better connection and unity for the body-mind. So for me, Linzi’s classes are perfect to ‘stretch’ and ‘strengthen’ my body… and thereby my heart, mind and soul
That was beautiful. I am still smiling ..I feel a very clear nights sleep is ahead of me and a good run in the morning..so looking forward to the next session ..xx
Quite simply, Linzi is the best meditation teacher I have ever had the good fortune to experience….I always thought meditation was not for me, until I went to Linzi’s classes She has the knack of introducing ideas and methods which make it so much easier and more beneficial. As a mental health crisis nurse, I have even used some of the techniques I have learned from Linzi in my practice, and as a trainee yoga teacher, I aspire to be able to teach yoga nidra, relaxation and meditation half as well as Linzi.
I’d been practicing yoga for a fair few years when I moved to Worthing.  I was looking for a dynamic yoga teacher that taught Astanga based yoga in a mindful ‘true yogic’manner (not just drilling out making shapes which always tends to twinge my back) – I tried quite a few different teachers until I found Linzi.  As a Yoga student I knew instinctively that Linzi not only knows her stuff, but can teach it well too.
As a Physiotherapist I could tell that her classes are taught responsibly (respecting the body) and mindfully -without ego or pressure.  Linzi encourages you to listen to your own body… something we all need to do to prevent injury in every- day life.  Practicing her ‘real yoga’ also brings about a sense of balance with other aspects of life (not just postural) as you tune in to your body. I find my eating habits and how I deal with stressors are both improved with regular practice.
You’ll leave one of Linzi’s classes feeling calm (mind),energized (body) and with a sense of balance at the same time.
I highly recommend her as a mindful dynamic yoga teacher.
Proper yoga with an instructor that is passionate and thorough, and one who cares about individual benefit.
Coming to Linzi’s Mediation sessions have become a real treat. Learning to ‘let go’ is not easy in this fast-paced world, but its the one thing we neglect, yet need more than anything materialistic. This type of relaxation has not only helped me emotionally but physically. I feel completely in control and strong for the week ahead. I would highly recommend this to anyone and I am looking forward to the next session’!
As a life coach i am required to be fully involved and in the moment with my clients at all times. i also practise what i preach and linzi’s classes are my weekly treat and a most wonderful source of grounding, relaxation and time to connect with me. she has a unique style – friendly and gentle, whilst amazingly knowledgeable and focussed. i have been attending linzi’s classes for several years and will be doing for many more. once you have found the best stop seeking and start doing!
Yoga has taken me on a journey that has opened my soul. Linzi’s teaching has been thatguiding light on the path of discovery
Linzi provides a spiritually inspiring and physically challenging class that provides my little pocket of calmness and focus for the week
Linzi has helped me to refocus my life and encouraged me to find time for myself to escape my usual day to day stress.  Her instructions are always so clear and helpful and I thrive off the energy she radiates
Fantastic, focused and inspirational classes
A tonic for mind, body and soul
Linz is a great teacher and the classes are fun. The best way to
work out your mind, body and soul
Yoga is easy to fit into your life and completely worthwhile. Its great for increasing fitness but can also open your eyes to a whole new lifestyle.  Linzi is a very knowledgeable teacher who makes classes fun and varied.
A breath of fresh air. Linzi makes yoga fun and interesting; a definite benefit to combat todays stresses and strains
I think yr classes R GREAT and I have felt v inspired after yr classes and yr knowledge and why we r doing certain exercises is extremely interesting THANK U and well done!
No two classes are the same so there is something new to learn each time you go. Good explanations as to the how and why of yoga. Thoroughly recommend a class by Linzi as her positivity and teaching method changes your whole outlook on life
I was a wreck before starting yoga with Linzi, battling a long drawn out eating disorder and saw no way out. I found coming to her classes a light at the end of the tunnel of a long week of therapy, and with her gentle tuition I honestly feel that I found myself. And with her help, I got stronger. Her courses really empowered me to see my life in a more positive light, and make me feel that I could overcome anything. I will always feel so grateful to her for this.
Not just a yoga class, not just a massage, she’s magic
Thank you so much for my treatment this morning. I have had amazing clarity all day; my deep fears that we worked on – faced and put to bed; amazing energy; an awesome afternoon of photography in Brighton; fun, laughter and quality time with my young man and my monkey sitting quietly… Teamwork… Thank you my wonderful friend