I’m so blessed to see both sides of the spectrum of motherhood. I have a nearly 20 year old, a 16 year old and a nearly 4 year old. One embarking on life beyond conventional education (She travels the world), one about to start college, and the littlest with me for his last year before beginning school. A year to savour, I know this now. I didn’t know this first time around. So much gratitude for this distinction right now, as I witness friends and students starting the school run/ lunch boxes/ uniform/ parties/ parents evenings/ judgements/ self doubt/ social drama/ heartbreak/ heart swells of what it means to guide a child into the challenging sometimes treacherous school years.

Its bloody stressful. First time around, I did it alone, as a single parent. I’ll do it again. But with hindsight and foresight and lots more insight into how I can help myself be the Mum I want to be. The times I would drop them off and cry because it had been rushed, nagging, late and I could have definitely been a nicer Mummy.

So, how can we transform this. These years you may have ahead, this major juggle of life skills that leave you spent at the end of the day, and more likely coax you to reach for less desirables (wine, chocolate, shit soap operas)

Yoga is the key, the gateway into a better understanding of yourself, it can fill you with a sense of worth and strength and in turn will help you cope with the sometimes stressful school run.

Come to yoga on Monday mornings, the course only runs term time. Its the start of the week. Its starts this Monday. If you don’t see a difference in your reactions in the first term, I shall eat my yoga mat.

And, obviously these courses are not just for parents. Sometimes even as a non parent, its nice to go back to that ‘term’ feeling. New pants and socks, uniform, and hey we might even compare new pencil cases, which even as an adult I get excited about.

Starts on the 12th! You still have time to book.