We make our own thoughts so therefore we can manifest.
If we’re really honest a lot of what we are surrounded with is all actually a manifestation of what we thought once upon a time; whether that is fear based or simply magical … a lot of it came true didn’t it? Yes some things absolutely blind sided us but how did you recover and how did you dust yourself off, strip naked to your bones and start over? Did you really drop everything? Did you really scrub away what might impact your future? We carry without realising sometimes … and like dye, it will seep and spread eventually, and everything will start to feel familiar, even when at first it’s new.
If you’re to believe in this time sensitive dye ~ carry only the colourful, only the dynamic, only the dyes that will colour your life for the better. Tones are sensitive so don’t make do with a palatte that doesn’t truly work.

My miracles are self made. My miracles are deserved. My miracles are believed and beloved because I made them… I manifested them. I worked hard for them.
Thoughts become things.
No such thing as luck my friends.
I’m ready to soar into 2020.
I won’t settle for anything less than rainbows and magic and miracles beyond the norm.