Is it real or just in your head?

“Maybe it’s not what we fear, but fear itself that we fear”

So what are we really fearful of?… we play it safe to stop ourselves from experiencing fear. We play it safe, we don’t take risks, we confine our existence for the sake of safety and being in a realm of the familiar.

Throughout my work life, working with people and pushing boundaries, the biggest thing that I witness is a fear of SUCCESS. Down playing ourselves to fit in with the norm. I’ve done it too. Got to a place of WOOOOAHHHH! and then shrunk back to what I feel I should be. Its bollocks. At some point you set your future, other people set your future… SHAKE IT OFF this preconceived expectation.

In fact, let go off all expectation, find a way to live in the moment and watch your life SOAR!! TO THE MOON AND BACK!