Pranayama – Meditation – Asana. 3 things have to be present for us to call what we do yoga. Firstly you must be aware of your breath, next the mind must be still, and then, and only then do we ‘perform’ asana (poses).

To me yoga is a journey that comes around and around until you find a still point, and this is where the magic happens. Ā On moon days we honour the moon in ways that ground us into our being to prepare for the next cycle.

My Yoga classes are held in SALTWATER STUDIOS on Monday mornings at 9:15 to 10:30am, (term time courses)
I also teach vinyasa flow at Hotpod Yoga Worthing on Tuesday mornings at 9:30am.

Once a month I also lead a beautiful evening of yoga nidra at Heene Terrace, Worthing, where you lie down, let go, and allow me to coax your entire being into a deep relaxation. Places are limited. Only Ā£15 for a perfect brain rinse… herbal tea free. Always on a Sunday, doors open at 8:00pm for busy parents to step out, and set intentions for the coming week.

My courses are for every body and mind. Rarely does an overinflated ego stick around, we tend to leave those in our shoes outside of the studio.Ā 


Discover what yoga can do for you.

Mondays (termtime) 9:30am & Thursday 7:00pm

6 Week Course

A mixture, a learning of how to switch on and switch off physically, activate, deactivate, aware of the body/mind link, all levels welcome.





I guide you into a deeply relaxed state and create space in your being that you never felt before, and in that space we reset some intentions, some magic.

Sundays once a month


Tired of your busy mind, suffering from stress or anxiety? This is perfect. Like a total mind rinse to serenity.